“welcome to p.m.”

P.M. is an interactive artwork.

Urged and inspired by the bizarre creations of my mind, I ventured into crafting the P.M. space—a digital tapestry of human emotion. This immersive narrative serves as a digital sanctuary untouched by the external chaos. My earnest desire is for individuals undergoing pain, particularly of the psychological nature, to find a connection with this piece. Beyond mere resonance, I envision them not only embracing but also sculpting their personalized "P.M. space" throughout or in the aftermath of this transformative journey.
P.M. is featured on the Indiepocalypse Anthology Issue #13 Feb. 2021

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Step into the Moon Room, a hidden space triggered by a dynamic portal in Session 5. Made as a tribute to my beloved grandma, my childhood guardian, this sanctuary serves as a refuge where I find solace amidst tears, grappling with the profound pain in my heart caused by her passing. Each flicker of the floating candles tells a tale of the delicate balance between life and death, symbolized by their positions at the opposite ends. "the head" flips its direction upon encoutering the ceiling or floor, serving as a connection between two worlds.

P.M. Radio creates a contemplative space for users, where the interplay between bright and dark modes symbolizes the delicate balance between rationality and sensibility. Immerse yourself in the stations, tuning in with care, as they unveil hints that foreshadow the unfolding narrative.

Are you tired? Are you seeking for a place to rest? Answer the three questions asked by the Guan Yin statue carefully. 



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