“An unconventional record of the hidden self and an imaginary journey in a surreal place, seeking a secret haven amidst the tumultuous world.” 

P.M. is an interactive narrative experience made in Gamemaker Studio 2. It weaves together visuals, gaming elements, storytelling, and intricate sound design. Embark on an extraordinary voyage, as this one-of-a-kind experience guides you through an unforgettable, unique memory.



"In Moonglade's embrace, a world reborn from remnants, where light and shadow intertwine, a realm both dark and divine."

Moonglade Jungle is an immersive installation that presents a novel approach to the concept of a natural ecosystem by merging physical and digital real-time components. 

“ In this virtual sanctuary, you're free to smash, shatter, and obliterate without leaving a trace in the tangible realm.”

Designed as an escape from the limitations of traditional stress relief, "Not Your Traditional Therapy" is a Virtual Reality rage room developed with Unreal Engine. Engage your senses in a therapeutic journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to the future of cathartic relaxation.

“ can discern a fascinating blend of logical chaos: sentences haphazardly spliced, parts of speech intermingling, random characters adrift, and punctuation in disarray...”

Intentional Unintended Poetry is an interactive poetry experience made with JavaScript and p5.js. I've unearthed a unique collection of “zombie literature.” These peculiar compositions emerge from the algorithms of spam bots on Weibo, China's counterpart to Twitter, and are the unintended result of random bot-generated posts aimed at inflating web traffic.

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