“not your traditional therapy!”

Not Your Traditional Therapy is a virtual reality rage room experience. 

Designed as an escape from the limitations of traditional stress relief, "Not Your Traditional Therapy" is a Virtual Reality rage room developed with Unreal Engine. Engage your senses in a therapeutic journey that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to the future of cathartic relaxation.

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Picture this: in VR, you can engage in cathartic destruction with objects that defy the constraints of the physical world. The sensation of breaking through barriers with diverse sensory feedback is an unparalleled experience. As we venture into the realm of VR becoming a staple in our lives, the question arises: how might our sensory systems evolve? It prompts us to ponder the thin line between illusion and reality in this captivating technological landscape.

Ever had the urge to release pent-up frustration by smashing or breaking something? In real life, such actions lead to waste, noise pollution, and potential harm to others. Enter Not Your Traditional Therapy, the ultimate playground for a destruction room. Freed from the constraints of gravity and real-world repercussions, VR provides a canvas where you can shatter the rules of physics and unleash your creativity without the burden of consequences. It's a platform where boundaries dissolve, and one can explore the extraordinary without hesitation. 

“training sector”

The training sector is designed to seamlessly orient new users or those unaccustomed to VR. Vibrant and clear instructions hover in the sky, easily within users' sight. Simply follow the steps to acquaint yourself with the controls.

“not so zen”

Responding to survey preferences, the first room we designed is a dark environment -  a mysterious, foggy, space Zen garden floating in midair.  The garden has both indoor and outdoor spaces, providing diverse settings for a range of activities and objects. This environment is conducive to "violent" actions like smashing and throwing objects, allowing users to release pent-up emotions in an open yet isolated space. The futuristic aesthetic and setting add a unique touch not found in base reality.

We have also implemented sound feedback for all objects and introduced various weapons. These details were made to enhance satisfaction and add variety, exploring the touch, feel, and sound of real life objects. These objects include a balloon wall,  glass and china objects, and various electronic items.

“limitless haven”

The second room, "Limitless Haven," exudes a more meditative and ethereal ambiance, offering a distinct facet to our therapeutic experience. Our intention was not only to create a contrast with the first room but also to surprise users with a unique gameplay encounter. Drawing inspiration from the movie "The Truman Show," particularly the final scene encapsulating the dream core and liminal space aesthetic, we aimed to evoke a sense of transcendence.

The current view of the room is a visual prototype, still in progress. Given more time, we plan to introduce experimental elements, such as zero-gravity and soft or squishy objects— a departure from the tangible aspects of the first room. This space could serve as a retreat for users seeking relaxation and tranquility after an intense session in Room 1.


“idm showcase”

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