A collection of my recent short films, created in 2020. The complete films featured in this video can be found below.




Summer Memoirs



“for seasons unknown
to me”

Inspired by two vintage gelatin silver prints I encountered at MoMA, I created this video to capture the emotion and voice that I experienced while viewing. 

These were memories in black and white, yet they are undoubtedly unique, lively, and colorful. Because they represent the capture of a brief moment in time, and they had traveled a long way through time to tell us the silent stories of the past.

These photos presented me a lot of information and feelings. I think the most important thing is to recreate characters of the photos -- light, shadows, color, contrast, and movement. I wish to create a video that can tell the story of the present time New York, but in the same style as the photos -- striking, raw, and spontaneously authentic. I also think it would be interesting to see what has changed over time and what’s still the same.” 



dream:0 - exordium”


Bao Zi”

Taking a look into the colorful world of a French Bulldog puppy named “Bao Zi” through this hand-drawn animation.


there was a brief

Follow the camera lens while it silently and patiently paints a lively portrait of an ordinary yet unique New Yorker.


2D animation 2020”