“moonglade jungle”

Moonglade Jungle is an interactive installation.

Moonglade Jungle redefines the essence of a natural ecosystem within a realm of artificial and modern surroundings. Crafted from repurposed materials such as recycled plastic, paper, and wood, the installation seamlessly blends physical and digital elements. Through the integration of light and motion detection, LED lighting, and projections, Moonglade Jungle transforms into a mesmerizing environment that dynamically contrasts its elements, offering a unique experience both day and night.

︎ Team Members: Phoebe Yin, Nertinia Tang

During the day, Moonglade Jungle comes to life with intricately designed plants hand made from paper and wood materials, each representing a new and unique identity, symbolizing a rebirth of nature. As night falls, the installation's projector animates the paper-white leaves, while the LED lights cast a luminous glow along the path, providing a stunning and immersive representation of the plants' spirit, energy, and natural interconnectivity.


Similar to us, and all life on our planet, Moonglade Jungle possesses the innate ability to sense the transitions between day and night.


Crafting the paper plants of Moonglade involved a journey that began at the roots, drawing inspiration directly from the precise designs found in nature. In the natural world, each leaf's form, every stem's elevation, and the overall structure of every plant are purposeful. The most formidable challenge lay in delving deep into the study of nature's masterpieces, deciphering their essence, and skillfully emulating their way of life.



When the light turns off, night projections begin. Otherwise during the day, the installation only has ambient music. 

A simple circuit with a Photoresistor built with Arduino allows us to trigger a light bulb once it detects darkness.

The entire installation is handled by Max, which reads Arduino’s output and decides which media to play. 


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