role: user research, ux & ui design


Nebula is a project that aims to introduce, inspire and encourage underrepresented students of color to explore careers in technology.

Audience Definition

Our audience include: Middle School to high school students who are minorities or who lack information or encouragement about going into a career in technology.
Students who are creative, enjoy online activities, and creating virtual communities. Though strides are starting to being made in the workforce, students who are minorities are often discouraged from going into the technology fields, or there is a lack of information about these options.

“The share of black technical workers at Apple is unchanged at 6 percent, less than half blacks’ 13 percent share of the US population.”-Five Years of Tech Diversity Reports—and Little Progress, Sara Harrison

“Tech companies have to wait until those high school and college students graduate and apply for jobs to reap the benefits of these programs.”-Five Years of Tech Diversity Reports—and Little Progress, Sara Harrison

We hope that by educating and getting minority students interested in working in technology, these issues will diminish, and a new generation of empowered students can join the technology workforce without fear of discrimination.

Interview & Research

The interview process allowed us to gain insights into different people and how technology affects and shapes their lives. We learned about the importance of interactive and diversified learning methods and how these affect students to acquire knowledge or reach an objective. Through conversations with especially parents, we had an opportunity to understand what and how technologies affect today’s young generation, especially in an interconnected world where social interaction is an essential part of daily life. We then probed for answers and opinions related to new technologies such as gaming and VR/AR technology.

Based on the information we obtained, we wanted to further explore gaming as an interactive and comprehensive way to educate students about STEM. Therefore, we researched on three topics: gamer psychology, gaming as a     learning tool, and collaboration vs. self learning. Our goal is to create a product that provides an engaging and immersive learning experience for students while building a fun and inclusive community for students to communicate and collaborate. By using gaming as a medium of education, we hope to utilize its advantages to make learning more interesting and more personally connected to the students. After researching the pros and cons of self and collaborative learning, we also aim to create an environment where students will be able to experience both ways of learning.

Our Solution: Nebula

An interactive game, where players utilize various types of math, science, and design skills to completes tasks in order to return to Earth from the distant planet Nebula before their enemy. Working as a team or individually, the game exposes players to new tech and STEM fields, and meet inclusive communities to feel empowered to go into technology as a career.